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  • Experience

    Our team has over 40 years of Telecom experience building infrastuctures of whole countries,hiring
    and managing hundreds of telecom and support staff and successfully managing large profit and cost
    centers.Our team has had senior roles in AT&T,TSI and Etisalat.

    Information    Technology
    Our team has over 30 years of experience in building, managing and outsourcing information
    technology solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and startups.Technologies include recent Android,
    iPhone and older technologies such as Java,.Net,PHP and many more.Our team has held senior
    roles at Skype,AT&T,IEEE and other companies.

    Our clients and    joint-venture clients include AT&T,T-Mobile,Ericsson,Puma,Groupon,BMW,Kate
    Spade New York,Dell,Samsung and    more