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    If you are an experienced Telecom, IT, Marketing or Management professional we would love talk to you.Please upload your resume here and we will schedule a time to discuss opportunities with you.



      Oripha Telecom’s expert consultants are trained to help you assess your hiring needs in order to find you the most suitable telecoms professionals regardless of level of skill and experience.

      Recruiting across all levels within the telecom industry,we will work with tap into our resources of thousands of telecom professionals to help you improve your hiring prospects and staff development.We also offer extensive support throughout every stage of the recruitment process,such as discussions with prospects acting as your representative to ensure your interests are looked after.

      Unlike many other recruitment agencies we pride ourselves in having a personal and always available relationship with our clients and recruits.Our team has experts in both their local employment markets and the wireless telecom industry as a whole.

      Contact our Staffing lead,Mustafa,to find out how we can help you mustafa@oripha.com.

      Information Technology


      Oripha is a global technology consulting and talent acquisition firm,headquartered in Edison,New Jersey.The company delivers the resources and solutions that give your organization the drive and momentum to propel your business to new levels of efficiencies and profitability.

      Over the years, Oripha has helped its Fortune 500 clients with a number of solutions and services including.

      Contact our Staffing lead,Mustafa,to find out how we can help you mustafa@oripha.com.

      Mobile App Development

      Our team has developed over 100 apps for clients throughout the world.Mobile is here to stay that is why it is important to develop strategies to maximize its use for your customers,staff and or for new sources of revenue.Your mobile strategy should start now.

      • Mobile app development for Android & iPhone
      • Mobile commerce
      • Mobile design

      Industries served:

      • Banks
      • Restaurants
      • Gaming
      • Healthcare

      For your mobile strategy contact opportunity@oripha.com

      SEO Strategy Pro

      Oripha is a proud owner of SEO Strategy Pro, a results driven online marketing and app development agency.The SSPro team provides services that deliver real profits for their client

      Customers are provided with a full engagement which discusses their past work,how they wanttheir image and brand to look online and on mobile and finally creating strategies that drive revenue growth.

      For more information visit: www.seostrategypro.com and also download their free ebooks!



      Our team has over 40 years of Telecom experience building infrastuctures of whole countries,hiring and managing hundreds of telecom and support staff and successfully managing large profit and cost centers.Our team has had senior roles in AT&T,TSI and Etisalat.

      Information Technology

      Our team has over 30 years of experience in building, managing and outsourcing information technology solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and startups.Technologies include recent Android,iPhone and older technologies such as Java,.Net,PHP and many more.Our team has held senior roles at Skype,AT&T,IEEE and other companies.


      Our clients and joint-venture clients include AT&T,T-Mobile,Ericsson,Puma,Groupon,BMW,Kate Spade New York,Dell,Samsung and more

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